Intelligent Digital Networks Solutions was founded in 2017 as a leading developer of solutions for smart city concepts. We recognized the drastic digital transformation our society is nurturing and identified a major gap in the market between how individuals receive and share information, use transportation, and connect with the world, and how our cities currently operate. IDN Solutions assists our clients to implement media and sponsorship opportunities which enhance the consumer experience and unlock potential revenue opportunities in retail, sports, and multi-use environments.


Intelligent Digital Networks

What We Do

Our team of experts help connect partners and technologies to improve processes and streamline systems to guide cities to a modern and relevant way of operating.

Starting with identification of media opportunities, we guide our clients through the design, planning and implementation process. The end result is a growth-oriented advertising and sponsorship program that increases revenue while enriching the visitor experience.

01. What We Offer

IDN provides consulting services as well as designing, engineering, fabrication and installation for all segments of smart technology. This smart technology includes signage, cameras, surveillance and facial recognition, smart parking, intersections, railway, transit and many other related technologies.

Media platforms are endlessly customizable and include a wide range of elements including but not limited to: large format signage (static and digital applications), digital signage networks, mobile applications, branded environments, auto displays, and even live-event spaces with specialized audio and lighting features.

02. How We Do It

A Thorough Understanding of Retail and Large Public Use Spaces

Our team of highly qualified professionals have implemented and managed some of the most complicated highly connected projects in the country. IDN has provided smart technologies for over 10 years and our client list includes places such as the City of Santa Monica, the Port of San Diego, the City of San Francisco, Macerich, Irvine Company, Caruso Affiliated and many more. We look forward to hearing about your next project.

Our diverse capabilities and expertise enable us to offer a full range of project services, and our long history in the industry gives us a solid understanding of the needs and motivations of all stakeholders; be they ownership, advertisers, consumers, or fans.

03. Our Comprehensive Approach

IDN Solutions helps owners develop an overall plan for the platform. We assist in determining optimal media locations based on criteria including sightlines, traffic flows, and structural feasibility. We then implement a fully integrated media system which integrates static and digital signage, content management and mobile connectivity.

Meet the Founder

Scott Skelton of IDN Solutions

Scott Skelton

About Scott Skelton

Scott Skelton is the founder and CEO of IDN Solutions. IDN Solutions’ primary objective is providing ancillary revenue sources through unique applications utilizing traditional OOH and technology to maximize opportunities while improving the consumer experience. Scott spent 18 years in the specialty surgical equipment market, developing iconic brands such as SCD, Sequential Compression Device, and Laparoscopic instrumentations, all now a standard of care.

In 1997, Scott founded LTBI, a construction service management company focusing on retail and commercial markets. LTBI successfully contracted 18 exclusive agreements with top retailers in the US delivering onsite cost-effective services to improve consumer experience. After selling the company in 2007, Scott joined Van Wagner Outdoor Advertising, the largest specialty Media Company in the US, as Director of Specialty Media Development. With a weak economy from 2009-2012, Van Wagner found new profitable markets in specialty media by providing unique, innovative, and scalable solutions that clients and consumers enjoyed. Van Wagner sold to Outfront Media in 2014 and Scott assumed the role of Vice President of Specialty Media Development and Operations, successfully managing several iconic brands. Scott founded IDN Solutions in 2017 and continues to develop unique profitable applications throughout the U.S.

Scott Skelton

About Scott Skelton

With more than 30 years of experience in high-profile Executive operations, sales, and marketing positions, I’ve successfully led, developed, and managed complex teams with varying technical and procedural skill levels.

My extensive experience in developing integrated, sustainable, and digital solutions has made me an industry leader in the digital space for driving effective manageable outcomes delivering consistent over-performing solutions.

With 20 plus years of developing, managing, and implementing digital media, I’m excited to turn my focus to Smart Digital Integration and take the lead as one of the pioneers in the smart city technology.
My diverse teams facilitates solutions and improve social and connected media with the goal of better managing consumer and commercial experiences producing positive outcomes.

Intelligent Digital Networks Solutions