Revenue Strategies

As a developer of over 67 properties in and around the Los Angeles market, IDN understands design criteria that maximizes revenue. In addition to working on projects where IDN Solutions is also handling the installation, planning, design, and implementation, we offer stand-alone services for existing signage.

Feasibility and Valuation Analysis

In order to evaluate the feasibility of potential digital and static signage configurations at a development, IDN Solutions uses our extensive understanding of the technical and market factors impacting these display installations to evaluate the potential benefits and risks of every approach.

Monetization Strategy

IDN Solutions develops detailed strategies for maximizing the value of digital and static signage installations and creating the most stable revenue stream from these assets. We pride ourselves on making informed recommendations regarding the various sponsorships and advertising revenue, third-party versus tenant-based content, potential structures for media sales agreements, ownership of technology, and other factors that will impact the return on the client’s investment.


Once the optimal monetization strategy is determined, IDN Solutions performs an in-depth analysis of a display installation’s long-term financial proforma. Our up-to-the-minute awareness of current advertising rates and extensive knowledge of installation and operating costs to produce underwriting documents clients can share with lenders or other financial partners.

Media Sales Brokerage

The process of securing and negotiating a long-term agreement between a project’s owner and a media sales firm or sponsorship group can be difficult to navigate, but IDN Solutions ensures a seamless process as we help guide each client, when needed. Our extensive familiarity with the participants in the digital out-of-home industry, both nationally and in the highly specialized Los Angeles area (the hub of out of home), puts us in the best position to direct the process. By leveraging our knowledge of these firms’ strengths and weaknesses, IDN Solutions can develop and issue RFPs for media sales services and negotiate final agreements in as little as six weeks.

Our Clients

IDN Solutions has provided analysis or strategic services to some of the world’s largest developers, as well as sports franchises and major corporations.

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